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This is YOUR Museum!

What is your favourite colour – chewing gum pink or grasshopper green? Have you ever painted a picture with your foot? And what is a museum actually?

We’re off on a voyage of discovery together this weekend. In the children’s workshop, members of our team are ready to help you discover colours, recreate shapes and look for the whale. (Sorry- what whale?)

In the family workshop, all the parents, grandparents amd other family members who want to get involved are welcome to get on board too – of course, only if that’s OK with you.

Free for ages 18 and under

Don’t forget – if you are 18 or under you can visit the museum for free whenever you want! How cool is that?

Your Birthday at the Museum

If you would like to celebrate your birthday at the mre, we’ll think up something exciting for you and your friends!

Organise Birthday Party

Children’s Tour on the Media Guide

If you’d rather discover the museum on your own, you can make your way round using the children’s tour in the media guide.

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Media Guide

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Colour in Motion! Family TimePair

At the family workshop, your parents, grandparents or other people can join in – only with your permission, of course! Who will find the whale in the museum first? And can we all be a triangle together?

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This is YOUR museum! Kids’ Studio

We meet in the colour lab and playfully discover colours and shapes together. Equipped with our favourite colours, we then head off to the exhibition – who will find the first grasshopper green?

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