Good to have you here! Welcome to the Museum Reinhard Ernst. The mre is a place where art is gathered together and looked after, a place for collecting, preserving, researching, exhibiting and communicating art. It is also a place which encourages community. The mre foyer is the very heart of this space.

The cladding on the mre’s façade gives the impression of a sparsely lit house of treasures but, once inside, a magnificent glazed atrium illuminates the entire building.

The inner courtyard is flooded with light and the mre foyer here is where the museum meets the city, where visitors meet locals, where art fans come together with those who simply want to have a look round.

Take an artistic detour to the mre on your walk along Wiesbaden’s Wilhelmstraße. Start enjoying a world of abstract art the moment you step into the museum foyer.

Eduardo Chillida, Buscando la luz III, 2000 © Chillida Family, Zabalaga-Leku, San Sebastián/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2024
Katharina Grosse, Ein Glas Wasser, bitte (A Glass of Water, Please)
Katharina Grosse, Ein Glas Wasser, bitte (A Glass of Water, Please), 2024 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2024
Bettina Pousttchi, Vertical Highways – Progressions 4 (detail), 2024 Photo: Sascha Kopp
Karl-Martin Hartmann, The Ladybird, the Innocence and the Cars, 2024

More information about the artworks in our foyer are available here.

Abstraction is everywhere: experience how Fumihiko Maki’s architecture, Eduardo Chillida’s sculpture and the large maple tree which graces the inner courtyard celebrate light together.

Abstraction transcends boundaries: enjoy how Katharina Grosse makes us reconsider painting with her colourful glass wall.

Abstraction brings opposites together: discover what awaits you behind Karl-Martin Hartmann’s glass curtains.

Abstraction stimulates: let Bettina Pousttchi’s dynamic metal structures tempt you to dance.


Abstraction is approachable: admission to the mre foyer is free. Admission to the entire museum is free for children and young people up to the age of 18. The museum is open exclusively to schools, kindergartens and educational institutions until 12 noon.

As a private museum that relies heavily on income from admission fees, this best illustrates our motivation to introduce children and young people to abstract art and to open up a place where they can experience and enjoy a sense of community. We offer spaces full of art which are inviting, safe and communicative and which welcome all visitors. This is our understanding of what a contemporary museum should be.

This is our vision of a museum for everyone.

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