Media Guide

You’re invited to make a journey of discovery through the mre! Our comprehensive media guide offers you themed tours of the mre and also supports free, individual exploration of the museum building and the art.

Listen to our various audio tours, watch artists at work and experience art from completely new perspectives with augmented reality.

Our media guide devices are available for 3€ inc. headphones from the ticket desk.


Collector’s Choice

Join collector and museum founder Reinhard Ernst on a very personal tour of his favourite works. You can look forward to numerous anecdotes about artists and works of art and to exclusive insights into the history of the collection.

Collection Highlights

Let us take you on an interactive and illustrative tour through Colour is Everything! How do space and painting interact? What were Helen Frankenthaler’s pioneering artistic innovations? Extend your journey of discovery through the first presentation of the collection with thought-provoking ideas and exciting multimedia experiences to look and marvel at.


Experience Architecture

In this tour you will learn everything you want to know about the creation of the Museum Reinhard Ernst and its fascinating architecture. Personal stories from the mre team are woven in – we invite you to linger at our favourite places in the building, to look and to feel the special sense of space in the building by the renowned architect Fumihiko Maki.

Kids’ Tour

Join Malaika and Ben on a discovery tour of the Museum Reinhard Ernst! What are those rusty boxes in the courtyard? Would you like to swim in the sea of colours? And maybe you’ll even find the mysterious whale in the museum together?

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Further Information

  • Free WLAN/WiFi is available throughout the building.
  • The media guide is available in German or in English.
  • You are very welcome to use your own headphones, but you will receive a pair with your media guide device at the museum ticket desk.

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