Reinhard & Sonja Ernst Foundation

Photo: Tanja Nitzke

‘The path our lives have taken together has opened up opportunites which the foundation enables us to make use of. We promote art and culture, support children and the elderly and are active in the protection of historical monuments. Life has been good to us. We want other people to share in our success.’

– Reinhard & Sonja Ernst

The Reinhard & Sonja Ernst Foundation supports projects that express the values of the founding couple. These include art and culture as well as places of learning and for living together.

Reinhard and Sonja Ernst want to use their best efforts, their commitment and their networks of contacts as effectively as possible for the community. The foundation pursues these goals by using its assets exclusively for its own original projects. Every project has a special connection to the couple who set up the foundation with the result that the work remains both authentic and effective.

The foundation’s charitable work takes many forms: the ‘House of Hope’ in the Japanese city of Natori was financed by the Reinhard & Sonja Ernst Foundation and gifted to the city. In the aftermath of the devastating tsunami and resulting nuclear reactor catastrophe in 2011, it remains an important place for young and old people to come together. This was another of the projects which found Reinhard Ernst working closely together with the architect Fumihiko Maki.
The foundation gifted a music education building to the town of Eppstein, former home to the Ernst family for many years. The building was financed entirely by the foundation and handed over to the town ready to use.

In addition to financing and constructing new locations where people can come together, the foundation also takes an active interest to the renovation and preservation of listed buildings such as the Walderdorffer Hof in Limburg an der Lahn.
The Reinhard & Sonja Ernst Foundation is the sole sponsor of the Reinhard Ernst Museum. All building and maintenance costs are financed by the Foundation.

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