You will surely have noticed that the Museum Reinhard Ernst (mre) is trying to use gender-appropriate wording in all our digital and analogue media. The ideal formal and aesthetic shape this will take is still under discussion which explains why we have not yet reached a final decision on how this should be written. However, we mainly use a colon.
Why should we communicate in a gender-appropriate way? Reality is as multifaceted, diverse and colourful as the art we exhibit. If it is subsumed under a supposedly neutral collective term (in this case the generic masculine), this diversity disappears. We want to avoid this and, by using gender-appropriate language, promote the visibility of women as well as of people who do not want to or cannot assign themselves to either the male or the female gender.


Thank you for your interest in the social media channels of the Museum Reinhard Ernst (mre). Some of our digital platforms offer you the opportunity to communicate with other users or with the mre. As you may know, our institution aims to be a place for coming together, communication and education, both analogue and digital. This is also a reflection of the art we exhibit, art which asked important questions when it first emerged and continues to generate heated debate to this day.

In order to ensure that everyone feels comfortable on our digital platforms and feels encouraged to exchange ideas, we would like to remind you of our netiquette. The term „netiquette“ is a combination of the words „net“ and „etiquette“ and describes the rules we have laid down for respectful interaction. We would encourage everyone taking part to take it to heart.

Whenever you respond to posts/comments from us or other users, please be aware that you are communicating with a human being. We ask that you remain polite and respectful. Before posting, ask yourself whether you would use the same words if you met the person you are communicating with in the analogue world.

Misunderstandings often arise in the virtual world. Facial expressions and non-verbal signals that are usually part of face-to-face conversation are missing here. Emojis can be helpful to prevent misinterpretations.

You don’t always have to insist on having „the last word“ and following every single discussion to its very end. It’s a good idea to reconsider occasionally whether there is any chance of the argument you are having eventually reaching a reasonable conclusion. There is little point to inflicting needless wear and tear on your nervous system – or that of anyone else.

If you want to support your arguments with facts or use quotations, please do not forget to identify a source or the author.


In the Museum Reinhold Ernst we do not allow the use of insulting, racist, anti-semitic, ableist or otherwise oppressive and exclusionary behaviour. We reserve the right to report and/or remove comments that fall into this category.

If you have any questions about our netiquette, please contact us at

Here’s to constructive exchange, discussion and comment!

The mre team.