Very few people have had the opportunity to see the outstanding international works in the Reinhard Ernst Collection over the years. The opening of our museum means we are now making this available to one and all.

Reinhard Ernst collects exclusively abstract art. This gives his collection a very clear and rare profile. This makes the mre one of the very few museums in the world devoted exclusively to abstract art. Many of the artists in the Reinhard Ernst Collection are among the most important of the 20th and 21st centuries. They have had a defining influence on the development of abstraction in art. The museum keeps their memory alive in its exhibitions.

There are always two exhibitions running at the museum while the presentation of the collection is revised and renewed every two years in order to present different aspects of the works it contains. We also have a special exhibition which changes every year bringing together historical work and contemporary artists. After all, the absolutely unique focus of the mre is: a museum is not a mausoleum!

Our central goal is to help contemporary visitors appreciate and enjoy what is meant by the “adventure of abstract art”. We feel it is important to appreciate just how fundamentally the concept of art and the world changed in the latter half of the 20th century.

Many of the finest works in painting and sculpture were created within recent years – the art in the Reinhard Ernst Collection is mostly no more than 70 years old. These works are testimonies of our time and an artistic response to contemporary themes.

As the present continues to change and evolve, we also renew and refocus the presentation of the collection on a regular basis. We show abstract art regardless of when it was created, or where, or how it was first received. Our works range from the 1950s to the present day, from Tokyo to New York to Wiesbaden, from universally celebrated to relatively unknown.

The Museum Reinhard Ernst therefore sees itself as an international centre for abstract art. Abstraction as something to marvel at, to learn from and to experience. Not only with your eyes when visiting our exhibitions but also, by making use of the programmes we offer, with your whole body and your creativity.

We warmly invite you to: experience colour – colour experience!


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